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My old maps were bent so I had to make new maps.

Snapshot, the game of close combat (aboard Starships) by Game Designers Workshop was originally released in 1979. Although it was a stand-alone game, it used an expanded turn and combat system based on the original Classic Traveller RPG.

We used to use Snapshot to resolve combat for the roll playing game, Traveller. Recently, I pulled out my old copy, printed the original deck plans and played the default scenarios with a friend (who has never played).

The rules are easy enough to grasp and the gameplay is generally fast-paced (the ships are not huge and it is a combat game.)

If you happen to still have the game, pull it out and give it a try with some modern gamers. It’s still an entertaining way to spend a game night. Sadly, I no longer have my space themed miniatures that worked well with the grid size (15mm, I believe.)

Here is my old Custom AP Cost Chart.png for Snapshot