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Resources for roll playing games.

Traveller SRD

Traveller System Reference Document v11.pdf
Mercenary System Reference Document v12.pdf

Traveller System Reference Document Copyright © 2008, Mongoose Publishing.
Mercenary System Reference Document Copyright © 2008, Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller is © 2008 Mongoose Publishing. Traveller and related logos, character, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Far Future Enterprises unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.

Boot Hill: Simulating Skill and Cheating at Cards

Gambling, specifically Five Card Draw Poker has become a feature in our Boot Hill games. Since characters have Gambling skill (and the player may not), we have come up with the following rules to simulate the advantages of being a skilled professional gambler. Cheating is also possible along with the risk of getting caught.

Boot Hill – Poker: Catching Cheats

To watch for card cheating, perform a successful Observation or Gambling check with a Modifier of -3 (or -6 if the observer is playing in the game.)

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Boot Hill RPG Maps

Burned Bush Wells
The town from the module, BH4: Burned Bush Wells. The module map is on a 1/4″ grid so I wanted to re-make the map (in color) with 1/2″ grid for use with 15mm figures.
Full Size Map
Paginated version for Printing (PDF, 8 Pages)

Mad Mesa
The module includes a town map, but as a solo-module the streets are very narrow. I have re-drawn the map (in color) with wider streets.
Full Size Map
Paginated version for Printing (PDF, 6 Pages)

Mad Mesa Map
Mad Mesa Map for Boot Hill
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Mongoose Traveller Cheat Sheets

MT - Task Cheat SheetI’ve been getting into the roleplaying game, Traveller and created some task cheat sheets. I saved them as PDFs for easy printing.

The combined one is color coded (Blue = 1st ed., Red = 2nd ed.)

First Edition: MG – Tasks.pdf

Second Edition: MG2 – Tasks.pdf

Combined: Mongoose Traveller – Tasks.pdf

I have also made cheat sheets for the combat systems.

First Edition: MG – Combat.pdf

Second Edition: MG2 – Combat.pdf

Cowboy and Medieval Drifters in Mongoose Traveller

I recently purchased the Cowboys vs. Xenomorphs adventure for Mongoose Traveller and it’s a fun setting. So fun that I wanted more Period careers available to ‘flesh out’ the campaign.
I used the Drifter career as a template and created four Cowboy era careers (Cowboy Drifter, Cowboy Era Barbarian,  Cowboy Era Sailor/Pirate, Cowboy Era Charlaton.)
I also added Medieval Adventurer and Medieval Soldier careers that I have used in the past to finish out the Drifters from Other Eras career sheet.
Download the PDF: Traveller – Career – Drifters


My old maps were bent so I had to make new maps.

Snapshot, the game of close combat (aboard Starships) by Game Designers Workshop was originally released in 1979. Although it was a stand-alone game, it used an expanded turn and combat system based on the original Classic Traveller RPG.

We used to use Snapshot to resolve combat for the roll playing game, Traveller. Recently, I pulled out my old copy, printed the original deck plans and played the default scenarios with a friend (who has never played).

The rules are easy enough to grasp and the gameplay is generally fast-paced (the ships are not huge and it is a combat game.)

If you happen to still have the game, pull it out and give it a try with some modern gamers. It’s still an entertaining way to spend a game night. Sadly, I no longer have my space themed miniatures that worked well with the grid size (15mm, I believe.)

Here is my old Custom AP Cost Chart.png for Snapshot